Saturday, October 08, 2005

Words and ways

Damn, I'm so proud of my girls sometimes... this afternoon, after the shopping, I came home and found Middle Daughter, chatting away on MSN Messenger with one of her contacts in Portugal.

OK, nothing particularly spectacular, you might say, except that this boy didn't know a word of English or Dutch, and Middle Daughter has but a faint grasp of English at the moment and totally none of Portuguese.

It transpired that she was copying his answers, posting them into some online translation tool (yep, it's call Babelfish :D) and converting them into Dutch, via English, and then writing answers back in the reverse order.

Sometimes I wish we'd had these kind of challenges when we were kids, they seem fun and very worthwhile, but on the other hand, we had totally other challenges in front of us then, not always that much fun...

Guess things don't change all that much really, just the ways in which they're done.

Keep well :D

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  1. I think this is what is so cool about living overseas. I don't think my kids, being Americans and assuming everyone will know their language, would ever think to do this. For one thing, it's rare to run into someone that doesn't know English over here as the country is so large and we sit next to the English speaking part of Canada, but also, I think we are just a little snobby and take it for granted that English is the way to do business (and chatting, oh and blogging!). :)