Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The way back

We all live with our illusions and our dreams. They make our life fun, give us goals to work towards and provide distraction in a world filled with noise and confusion. What's nicer than just closing your eyes for a moment and blocking everybody and everything out, enter a world of your own making and imagining life on your own terms.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) however, we need to be realistic as well. How we function in society depends on the way we interact with others around us, how we negotiate the things needing doing and compromising whenever necessary.

Sometimes it's dead easy, sometimes a little more difficult and once in a while just so mind-numbingly painful that you'd just want to disappear off the face of the earth. The little world we've made for ourselves is a world in a constant state of construction... dreams run their cycle, having outlived their usefulness, illusions are shattered but replaced by other, more enticing creations of our own mind. Dreams and nightmares interchange, confusion abounds.

It's only when we give up hope that we're really lost though. When everything we'd hoped for or dreamt of has faded into the shadows, when life is lived without colour or excitement, when "living" becomes confused with "surviving", its only then we're faced with a point of no return.

And yet, it take just one little pinpoint of light in the darkness to illuminate the soul again, one kind word or action to show us that life isn't just a mechanical act of survival, that one's spirit can be rekindled by the warmth of knowing that there is meaning, somehow, somewhere... that you are able to feel again and others can feel along with you too, that there is a bond stronger than the blackness of despair.

Life sucks, badly, deeply but the little moments that the fragments of existence just come together in a meaningful way are the moments that give great joy also. Revel in them and take them to heart and remember... one tiny flame can dispell the darkest darkness.

Keep on smiling...


  1. I don't really know what to say after this, just that this was a wonderfully beautiful post! I agree with everything you've said.

  2. Gee, you make living life sound almost tolerable. Reading your blog makes me wish I weren't such a cynic...
    Oh well, at least there is some hope in your life, that's kewl.

    (just happened to blog hop over from Lizzy's TMI page... after seeing your answers, I had to come check your blog, haha)
    [mine is kind of adult humor... so be warned... haha ]