Monday, October 17, 2005

Three cheers for Kermit

This October, Kermit the Frog celebrates his 50th birthday... a respectable age for any frog but then again, Kermie's not exactly the most ordinary frog you'd normally have the pleasure of meeting.

The first time I ever saw Kermit was in 1972, when the Sesame Street series started on the ABC in Australia. It immediately became one of my favourites, if for any reason there was a silliness level worked into the scripts that appealed to me. It only got better after that, with the Henson Studios producing numerous spin-offs, the Muppet Show and more than enough movies to keep the young at heart busy for quite a while.

Kermit and Jim Henson

The sketches and films are timeless, appealing to all ages across all cultures, almost begging the adult world to not take itself too seriously and just laugh at the little things in life.

Happy Birthday Kermit, as you enter your next 50 years :P (and yeah, live your dreams... I'm with you there)

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