Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gone missing

I hate it when one of the blogs I read regularly, just disappears. Or doesn't, but doesn't get updated any more, subsiding into a kind of half-world of life/non-life.

OK, so it's really MY problem, because it's somebody elses blog but in a strange kind of way you build up a kind of virtual attachment with somebody whose writing you appreciate and can empathise with (is that the right word?).

Occasionally the plug gets pulled out altogether, which is a real drag because occasionally there are posts that were really worthwhile, and you get to wondering what reasons lay behind making such a decision. Once, I remember someone in a fit of panic, after family members discovered what she was writing, deleted her whole blog to try to cover her tracks. Which was really sad, because she wrote really well. In another case, the writer was getting overloaded with the whole commenting thing, understandable and no fun...

Once in while, the inspiration just vanishes... I think we all have such short periods in our lives, that the words just won't work for us, that the concentration evades us and thoughts just won't crystallise in the right way... I know, in my case, that can be a trap because if I wait too long, I know I won't start again and although there's a lot of silliness and stupidity worked through my posts at moments, it's a very worthwhile exercise for me if only to get my thoughts organised for an hour or so a day...

Enough rambling... too much to do right now, and too little time to do it in...

Keep well...


  1. The blog might no longer be updated and eventually be deleted, but since you always astound her with your kindness and writing skills, she'll always be around here reading and commenting still.

    take care, bart!


  2. i know what you mean. there are some blogs that make you feel involved. for me, i love to see life outside my own small home. i like visiting other peoples lives in other places. it makes the world not such a big scary place.

  3. Great post Bart. When Mat deleted his stuff and disappeared for awhile, I was really missed him. He's always so nice in his comments, and had some really great stuff to say in his old blog (I totally get the cutting back though... job "discovered" him). I do let myself get too involved sometimes though...

  4. Marie is back...just back slowly. go to mine and link over. She'd love to hear from you..i'm sure.