Monday, August 15, 2005

Going to the dogs

OK, Cheryl passed on a meme today, and for a change it's one I like.

It's called "Gone 2 to the Dogs" which, for reasons I'll explain shortly, is a meme in my own life I've loved for a very long time :D
You can do it yourself but unfortunately it's not all that blog or HTML friendly so you'll have to make do with the instructions on the site itself...

1. Go to and select game.

2. Follow the instructions

3. Answer the questions

4. Find out what dog you are and

5. Post the answer on your blog!

6. Collar someone else

(and in my case, I'd like to collar Milamber and Liesl to continue this meme)

Here are the results of the "Going to the Dogs" Jury, objectively and totally impartially posted by myself... (hahaha...)

Better known as a "husky"... (which for me would be about right ;-) )

And now, of course, you're wondering why I like this meme... it's quite simple really.
One of the people I've admired in the past (although he's been pretty quiet these late few years) is Wim T. Schippers, a rather gifted absurdist here in the Netherlands who, amongst other creations, produced his own version of "Going to the Dogs" in his own, unique way in 1986.

To do this, he casted six Alsatians to play the leading roles in the play, which included barking out their texts, watching television and reading newspapers... all of which took place in one of the most important Amsterdam theatres. The play causes an enormous commotion since some people openly started questioning where the borders of avant-garde playwriting should be drawn when confronting public common sense, the aftermath of which even led to questions in parliament about the way Dutch perceptions of art were being presented abroad. It was a bewilderingly original play, not all that spectacular contentwise but a rather interesting jibe at the artistic scene in general... well done in my view :D

As photographed when demonstratively
emptying a bottle of softdrink in the North Sea,
in his own typically confronting fashion.


  1. Guess I'll have to do this thing now, check up on my blog later today :P

  2. And you're a hardy husky!

    Thanks for playing, I think your result is wonderfully apt :-)

  3. I think this one is interesting, so I'm going to put it on my blog during the next week. I guess a husky isn't bad at all, because that's one cool dog!