Friday, July 22, 2005


Raindrops fall, leaving nothing but ripples in the puddles around me. I'm fascinated by the patterns that come to life and disappear again almost instantly.


Endlessness, the circles that surround us, no beginning and no end, fractals of existence descending into singularity yet coming back to life like the phoenix from its ashes when re-examined.


Descending into insignificance, yet every part is important and carries its own meaning both apart and together with the rest of the pattern, like life itself...


Chaos combining, recombining and dissolving into nothingness again, worlds of transition ever moving, existence captured in timeless mandalas.



  1. These Pics are great. I guess you are right. Life is so full with endless drops that just chnage our lives forever and fade away. It disappears but it's effect last for a long time. You are not the same before it and you will never be the same after it.

    Nice blog by the way..

  2. I agree with you. Nice pics and nice post.

  3. I have always seen life as a circle with its center everywhere and its margins nowhere...
    Really thoughtful metaphor, that of the disappearing ripples. A human life is a ripple... We are brought to life, we leave our ripple on the face of the earth which slowly disappears as we are forgotten.

  4. Very psychedelic! I like those pictures a lot.

  5. WoW ThEsE ArE ReAllY CooL.... ThEy ArE So BEaUtIfuL... AnYWaY..TtYl