Friday, July 01, 2005

Think different, feel different

I get to wondering about how to make things more simple occasionally, partly due to my work as I need to create designs which are appealing, crystal clear in meaning and as no-nonsense as possible but also because I see that there's an enormous amount of energy and time wasted doing things or trying to figure out things that wouldn't have been necessary in the first place...

(Phew, that was a long sentence and I think I've just broken one of my own rules here.)


What I'm talking about is useability, a subject which has been on my mind for longer than I care to remember but one that is so very necessary. Have you ever succeeded in programming a new video-recorder first time round or managing to understand your new telephone without having to have taken the evening course "Mobile Telephones For Dummies / 101"?


The fact seems to be that technology is almost by definition anti-human, needing to be tamed in some way. Things just need to be damned simple so I can get down to work. Which, incidentally, is also the reason why I've been an Apple Macintosh addict for almost 20 years.

Letting the facts speak for themselves.


The thought had crossed my mind...


The Apple people seem to have understood that users just want a product that works, easily and effectively without having to figure out all sorts of nonsense beforehand... the concept of Plug-and-Play vs. Plug-and-Pray. The concept seems to have caught on, so people are producing all sorts of products that...

... are practical and easy to use...


... fulfil a certain need ...


... look good ...


... and increase job satisfaction.


I wonder what else they've got in store for us.


  1. I have actually succeeded many times in programming a new video-recorder or television first time round and managing to understand a new telephone... I'm the one at home that always has to do that sort of thing, because I seem to get it more easily than my parents. I've never really had a problem with technology. It's just that I don't need all the latest technology. I'm quit happy with my Nokia 3010. But there are a lot of people out there that don't understand technology as easy as I do, so I'm in favour of more easy products.

  2. I'm not a mac fan, too many experiences with some unreliable os8 machines, and the difficulty to find a local repair person. Maybe its different outside the US.

    But if they start producing "chobit persocoms" like the young lady, I could be convinced...

  3. I only know PC's ... not IMacs. But I love the pictures! LMAO

  4. wieieiei, great
    where can i order that last one? ;) ;)

  5. ROFL

    I came by because I was so impressed with your comment at Panthergirl's today, and wanted to say so.
    Double happy now - because this is a really good blog - I am adding you to my list.

  6. This is so funny. U really made me laugh in this boring day.