Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday was better though

OK, enough of the self pity thing, I've appreciated the encouragement given... thank you all...

I slept badly, woke up at 7 am and couldn't really find the rest I needed, so I got hold of my camera and went off to town. It's lovely to walk through the city when there's nobody else there, when the streets are silent and the daily confusion has been forgotten for a while.

There are a good many monuments that have been preserved in the city... the council has done an exemplary job of maintaining the 17th century atmosphere of the inner circle of the city, the part that originally enclosed within the city walls.

Statue of Jan Pieterszn Coen, one of the Governor-Generals of the Dutch East Indies and also a former city citizen. On the right, the West Frisian Museum, formerly the parliament building for Northern Republics at the end of the 16th century and also one of the administrative headquarters for the VOC fleet that sailed from the harbour between 1580 and the 1700s

Same statue, from the other side, with the Waag where goods and services from the East Indies were traded.

Flagstone from one of the oldest remaining buildings in the city which thankfully also survived the Reformation years.

Later in the morning, I went to Amsterdam with a friend for a longer standing appointment with some of the people from the Elf Fantasy Forum... one of the meets we have once in a while and a lovely way of getting to know the people you chat to online. There were ten of us today from all parts of the country... the mood was good but the weather was rotten unfortunately. We'd planned on having a picnic in the largest park in Amsterdam, but since it was raining so much we finally found ourselves a place under a viaduct and stayed there until the food was gone and the appetites satisfied.

It's really funny, people you really don't even know except from trading messages on events, books, films and generally fantasy related subjects just manage to get on really well with each other... we had a wonderful day all things told, after wandering through the inner city for a while, visiting a bookshop and Chimera where we were all allowed to visit the upstairs section which was normally closed for most of the public :D

Certainly, a day worth repeating.


  1. those pictures are great!! are you a native?

  2. i'm so glad you had a nice little getaway.

  3. I'm in awe at those pictures, gorgeous. Sounds like a great day

  4. Bart,
    See, you have taken our advice and you already feel better... That is good to know. It seems that really looking at the city, especially with nobody on the streets, helps you a lot...
    Funny, when I talke walks I realize my eyes look avidly for spots without people... But then I have seen wonderful people which offered me great performances and a lot to think of...
    Like you say, keep well (never heard that in English before) :)

  5. Again, wonderful pictures. They could be postcards. :)
    Those kind of meetings are always a lot of fun. It is weird to meet people after only knowing them from a Forum, but most of the time you get along quite well. Too bad the weather was shit.