Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sleepless in Sesame Street

I've always had my suspicions about these two...


Bert, Bert... I can't sleep, Bert...

...because there's a banana in my ear...

That's no banana, Ernie...


  1. OMG, Where do you get these things from??????

    hhehe. Good One.

  2. Hihihihi, I already knew that one. My best friend's boyfriend always does that: "Bert, Bert, er zit een banaan in m'n oor!". He can do all kinds of voices, and it's extremely funny, no matter how often he does them.

  3. hah!!!!! a true lol moment, and I"m not even through my first cup of coffee!!!

  4. yep, these guys are insane sometimes... ever seen the "Bert is Evil" sites?
    the true story will someday be told (just kidding, bert's one of my favourites actually...)

  5. HeY ThIs iS CoOl! ThAnX FoR ThE CoMmEnT I LovE My MuSiC ViDeOs I ChAngE ThEm EvEry WeEk So If You wAnT To StOp By And See ThEm FeEl FrEe.. ThAnX AgAiN


  6. How funny. I'm seen those Bert is evil sites too. I hope there are no Bart is Evil sites :)