Wednesday, July 27, 2005


This bicycle has been standing here for days, patiently waiting for its owner to turn up and pamper it a bit.

It was left standing out in the rain today, and I bet it was in a foul mood by the end of the day... wouldn't you be?


  1. I know I would like a ride...

  2. Moet van een erg lange man geweest zijn, met twee stangen......
    Toch istie netjes op slot gezet en zo
    ziet er niet gestolen uit

    kan ook zijn dat een dief hem wil stelen en hem vast daar neer heeft gezet in de hoop dat de eigenaar hem niet kan vinden
    geeft hem meer tijd.....

  3. I would be totally upset if I were left in the rain by my owner. That is, if I was a bike...

  4. I would be so sad if I were the bike. BAD owner :P

  5. it was a nice subject, didn't move much and was looking a little forlorn...

    @ irina:
    it's yours, free of charge and any obligation... just get yourself here to amsterdam, we'll arrange the rest later...

    @ poems and writings:
    (i'll write this in english, i was scolded this afternoon for writing in dutch...) unfortunately the long man has a very short memory, and doesn't even know where he left his trusty steed... either that or it's a very thoughtful thief, putting two chains and a padlock on the thing...

    @ milamber:
    i'm glad you're not a bike, you write much to nicely :D

    @ liesl:
    i would be too... the owner should be spanked and given a good talking to...